Monster Buck: How Staffer Dru Brooks Caught an 8-Year-Old Deer

Monster Buck: How Staffer Dru Brooks Caught an 8-Year-Old Deer

What is a Monster Buck?

Monster bucks are the biggest, most impressive deer that you can find in a hunting environment. They have bigger heads and bodies, and their antlers are much larger than other deer. 

There are many different perspectives on what monster bucks should look like, as each hunter has their own set of criteria. Others might use estimated age, mass, tine length, pointers, class, or a combination of two or three criteria.

Some hunters may prefer a monster buck with thick, heavy antler and longer beam, while others may want a monster buck with a high number of points. 

Finding monster buck isn't always easy, as they tend to live in remote areas away from hunting grounds. For hunters that are willing to go the extra mile, monster bucks can be found in challenging terrain. It's best to do a bit of research and scouting before you head out into the wilderness.

Preparation for Monster Buck Hunting

November 1st at 0540 hours, I had taken two weeks of vacation from the Army to make my hunting time special. 

I made sure that my hiking was slow and methodical. The night before, I prepped my gear and washed all of my clothes with Scent Assassin products.

In my tree stand, I think about all the opportunities I’ve had in the past and future opportunities I could have. 

I would have used Scent Assassin products much sooner if I had known about them earlier. They are extremely effective at removing odors from my gear and clothing that could alert deer to my presence.

We have not been detected by any deer in the woods this season, despite the fact that many deer have crossed our path.

We had a few doe kills early season that helped make our hunting year a success. But on this hunt, I was not after a doe. 

The Story of a Monster Buck named Mr. T

monster buck deer with a seasoned hunter

The story begins with an 9 Pointer Monster Buck named Mr. T. Yes, we name all of our shooter bucks. 

We’ve been after this monster buck for 4 years. He was an 8 ½-year-old buck.

We've noticed a significant decrease in his size and mass over the last two years, but he was still a top target and a great shooter buck.

Back to November 1st: It was about 28° and a quiet morning, so quiet I didn’t see my first sign of deer. As I sat there for about 6 hours, I contemplated hunting the entire day and not leaving my stand.

As time got closer to noon, I realized the reality of being hungry, tired, and cold. I decided to come out for two hours, grab a sandwich, warm up, and then head back in for an early evening hunt. 

I returned to the woods later that afternoon, hopeful. I sprayed down with Scent Assassin products again, knowing that if a deer came close, I would be safe and have a good chance of a kill. 

Encounter with a 9 Points Monster Buck

A seasoned hunter holds a buck monster deer in the background, with Scent Assassin field spray on the front

That evening didn't go as planned. Thirty minutes before dark, I noticed something move about 80 yards away from me.

 Mr. T, the monster buck, showed up. He ran down a hill into a ravine. I stood up and got ready as I nervously waited. Suddenly, a doe pops up out of the ravine, and close behind was Mr. T chasing her.

I watched that monster buck chase for a few yards as I got ready with my bow, and before I knew it, he was 22 yards, quartered hard away from me.

Mr. T stopped moving, the doe took off, but he did not. 

I knew this was my chance as I drew back my bow. I placed the target where I wanted the arrow to exit. 


Mr. T donkey-kicked and ran off 15 yards. I watched him with my binoculars 30 minutes before sunset until he laid down and passed. 

I knew I had a great shot. I knew my top-target monster buck wasn't going to make it. I got really excited! I called my wife and Isaiah to let them know I'd be late and that I needed help recovering the monster buck.

It may or may not be the monster buck that others envision, but I'm very proud to have finally captured the legendary monster buck known on our farm as Mr. T.


With Great Respect, 

 Andrew M Brooks