Staffer Hammer Vanscyoc credits Scent Assassin for a successful season in multiple states!

Staffer Hammer Vanscyoc credits Scent Assassin for a successful season in multiple states!

In October of 2022, I started using Scent Assassin products. I had been using a few different companies over the last few years all the way up until August and September of the 2022 season.

I had two mature bucks that happened to be my target bucks that were showing up every single day and night multiple times but any time I would be in the stand they just would not show up.

I decided I wanted to try something different so I bought the Scent Assassin Natural Earth Combo Pack and started using it the first weekend of October. The first time using it, I could tell the deer were less on edge and seemed to stick around a lot longer and closer.

On the morning of October 8th, my number-one target buck showed up for the first time while I was in the stand but sadly I made a little noise while reaching for my bow and he knew something wasn’t right so he turned around and went back the way he came.

I was devastated and thought I blew it. Luckily the same day he came back at 5:45 pm and walked right in front of me at 25 yards giving me a great shot opportunity and he had no idea I was there.

During the beginning of the rut, I lost track of my 2nd target buck and kind of just figured someone else had shot him.

Luckily on December 11th about 30 minutes before dark, I was drawn back on a doe literally getting ready to shoot and I heard leaves breaking behind me and just as I turned around I noticed it was him.

He was downwind of me about 50 yards and kept slowly walking toward me like he didn’t have a care in the world. He came all the way up to 10 yards beside me and I was able to take a perfect double lung shot on him.

Trail cameras don’t always do justice when it comes to showing the size of a deer but this one should have been my number-one target buck all along: he was much bigger than the 1st even though he had some broken tines.

On October 29th, I went to Colorado during the 2nd rifle season to elk hunt with some close family friends and was able to harvest my first bull.

We had terrible weather with extremely high winds, pretty much in every direction at different times, and we had about 1-2 feet of snow so the elk had moved to their winter grounds early.

I was lucky enough to have a legal bull come into shooting distance without detecting me and was fortunate enough to make a clean shot on him and dropped him in his tracks.

I was the only one in my group and one of the few in the area of the unit we were in to even get the chance to kill one. While I was there I also had multiple close encounters with mule deer, I just didn’t have a tag.

I truly don’t think I would’ve had the success I had during 2022 if it wasn’t for Scent Assassin products.