8 Point Buck, Stickers Jr., was No Match for Staffer Matt Myers

8 Point Buck, Stickers Jr., was No Match for Staffer Matt Myers

What Is An 8 Point Buck?

An 8 point buck is a male deer with antlers that have eight points. The points are counted by counting each branch of the antler separately. Male deer grow and shed their antlers every year, so an 8 point buck may not always be an 8 pointer.

Story of the Veteran Hunter, Matt Myers 

Hey, Matt Myers with Itchy Bottom Outdoors. I’ve been a Pro Staffer with Scent Assassin for a few years now.

My year started like it always does: putting out minerals and protein around my food plots, running cameras, and the bucks started showing up around May.

I had roughly 4 that looked pretty good but one stood out. He looked like a buck that I had hunted the past 4 years that I called Stickers, a main frame 10pt with a bunch of sticker points.

Introducing 8-Point Buck named Sticker Jr.

Well, this buck was a main frame 8pt with an inch-long kicker on his right base, hence Stickers Jr. was named.

As the summer rolled on into fall, he was at my blind stand on an old carbide gas line right-of-way every day until around mid-September, when he, like his father, vanished.

I invested in a few Tactacam Reveals and set one up at one of my stands back deep in a holler on a good oak flat, since we had the big mast this year, I figured it would produce.

The first week it was there, I started getting pictures of Stickers Jr. I went out opening morning and evening with no luck seeing that 8-point buck or any bucks period. 

However, by the second week of the season, I was getting late-night photos of him, but my schedule was already packed. I decided to go deer hunting on Sunday night because I have to go to church on Sunday mornings, and yes, I said a little prayer...lol.

Encounter with my Top Target 8 Point Buck

I washed my clothes with Scent Assassin laundry detergent, showered, and got ready to go.

After about a 20-minute drive on the ROW in my buggy, I arrived a few hundred yards from my stand, got out, and realized I'd left my pack with my video camera at home.

I didn't have time to go back, so I sprayed down with Scent Assassin's Natural Earth and walked in, getting settled 20' up in my ladder stand.

I had about 45 minutes of light left after sitting all evening and not seeing anything. It was around the time he’d been showing up when I looked around the tree in front of me and there he was on the edge of the flat.

I positioned my Ravin R10 on the shooting rail, and when he took a step forward from behind the tree 20 yards away, the 100gr Rage found its target.

After going about 75 yards with the light slowly fading, I watched the 8 point buck flop backward over the hill and there it was.... 8 point buck dead!

I took my hat off and thanked God above for another answered prayer. I couldn’t have been happier if I’d just killed a new world record.

It’s awesome when game plans come together. I may have not got his daddy but I did get the 8-point buck whom I named, Stickers Jr.


Matt Myers

Seasoned Hunter, Itchy Bottom Outdoors