Made for hunters, by hunters....Scent Assassin's humble beginnings

We haven't always been the Scent Eliminating juggernaut we are today.  Back in 2017, we were just your ordinary, odor-spewing, archery hunters looking for an edge.  We have always been interested in scent control products but received mixed results from multiple brands from Big Box stores.  During the Fall of 2017, we discovered some stuff at a local bow shop here in West Virginia (shout out to Bowlisitc for supporting new products).  This stuff BLEW US AWAY in the field.  This brand had several scent-eliminating cover scents, but the dirt scent was unlike anything we had ever smelled or used. We have always been fans of "Earth" cover scents, but this specific spray was the bee’s knees of dirt scents.  The opening week of West Virginia’s archery season was our first hunt using this brand. We were amazed that the deer COULD NOT SMELL US!  We had never seen deer remain downwind for extended periods of time and never become somewhat nervous. If you are a deer hunter, you know exactly what we are talking about. That evening, we killed a doe at 10 yards downwind, which cemented our allegiance to this new scent elimination spray. Hunting just became a little easier!

We came home with our doe and looked forward to more opportunities to get back into the woods to be certain the product worked like we originally thought.  On the very next hunt, a black bear came within 8 yards and never knew we were there. Schwack!! Bear down.  From that point on, we were believers!

Fast forward a few months, and our magic bottle runs dry....but wait....Bowlistic doesn't have any more spray....what to do?  We literally dug the old bottle out of the trash to see if we could order more.  The label wasn't very helpful and Bowlisitc had zero luck ordering more of this stuff.  But alas, the address on the bottle revealed that this was an existing business associate of ours.  We contacted said business associate and learned they made the scent elimination sprays as a trial but had no plans to continue the brand for sale. After several meetings, we acquired the product, and Scent Assassin was born!

We couldn’t just run with the exact formula, as we wanted to put our own spin on it.  For the next several months, we worked with the lab to fine-tune the “Earth” scent and learn the natural processes of how human odor is created, and how to combat it, yet not leave another odor.  If you have done any research at all about big game, you know that they rely on their nose far more than their eyes when observing their environment. Camo and blinds are great, but big game will smell you long before they can see you, especially if they are downwind. Broadly speaking, bacteria on your skin and clothes cause most of the odor that might reach their nose. Something like Alcohol would kill all the bacteria on your body, but leave you smelling like alcohol, etc. So, the goal is, to eliminate your odor without creating another odor (that is just as bad or worse) that identifies you as something game should not be smelling in the woods. We learned about biofilm, cell structures... and all kinds of fun scientific information we never knew about. It gets pretty deep.

Once we had the perfect scent eliminating spray formula, we designed some sweet bottles and delivered them to the nearest Mom and Pop shop. BOOM...AND DONE. Well, not exactly. What about all the odors we pick up and create before we get to the field? We went back to the lab to work it out. We developed an unscented laundry detergent and a body wash/shampoo that not only works but moisturizes your skin as well. These products were the key to getting you from the house to the field as scent-free as possible.
Our goal from day one has been to help hunters reduce their odor profile with the highest quality products. We didn't just run with the first unscented body wash or detergent we worked up. We spent months ensuring the formulas were just right. These are products we use every time we go into the woods.
So good luck out there. We hope you have as much success with our products as we have! Keep a lookout for our new products being released in the near future.