Secrets to Success from a Seasoned Hunter

Secrets to Success from a Seasoned Hunter

I began using Scent Assassin in the spring of 2022. I made sure to spray myself down when putting out Lucky Buck and checking the camera. 

My hunting time was limited during September because of a busy work and family schedule but I finally got out on the evening of October 2nd. I had a doe and fawn come in under 20 yards.  

On the morning of October 15th of the Kentucky early muzzleloader season, I had a small doe come up and actually lick my ladder stand. I was anxious to get back the next morning, since the few times I've hunted I literally had deer within feet of me. 

The morning of October 16th was picture-perfect. The weather finally cooled down overnight. I noticed a deer through the trees, which continued walking until it was clear for my sight. I saw it was a nice buck so I took the shot.

He crashed into the barbwire fence and fell on the other side. I couldn't see him anymore but knew he was hit pretty well. The next 30 to 45 minutes were nerve-wracking. I could hear him struggling and falling down in the thick crunchy leaves. 

As I was waiting, another smaller 8-pointer walked in at about 20 yards. It ate a little and turned around to go back to his bedding.   

My buddy came to help track and drag the buck I shot. At first, we didn't find good blood until we got to the other side of the fence. It opened up and we could see his struggle in the leaves. He went downhill zigzagging for another 80 yards.  

The excitement became a reality once I put my eyes and hands on him because that’s when I realized: he was my target buck from my trail cam pics. 

Gun season arrived the second weekend in November, and it was on again. Sunday morning I sat on a field edge on the ground. After 9 am, I got up to move to my Redneck blind since I was getting uncomfortable on the sloped ground. 

As I walked up the hill, I ran off 3 deer. I was surprised to see them there because they were on the path I had taken in and were very close to my truck. They usually come into that field from different locations, so they obviously had no idea I was there. 

Sunday afternoon was memorable, I took my 11-year-old son out with me, and he got his very first buck. It was the buck I previously saw in October. He was absolutely pumped and I had to contain him from jumping off the 10-foot elevated blind!

On Monday morning I saw a few more deer and was able to get a nice doe.

I had a quota hunt the first weekend in December at a state park, where I was able to harvest three more deer. All three were extremely close, but they weren't spooked by my presence. 

They actually moved around and got closer to me! On that hunt, I was the only one to get multiple deer.

Yes, I had a successful season. But it started with scouting and preparing myself. 

The preparation started by washing my hunting gear with Scent Assassin laundry detergent. Before hunting, I always showered with Scent Assassin body wash and sprayed my boots and clothing with Scent Assassin Natural Earth field spray. When it was warm, I randomly sprayed my clothing and if hunting in the blind I would spray that as well to keep odors away. 

I even sprayed my trail camera and blinds when setting up.  Did I ever get busted by a deer? Yep, absolutely, the one time I didn't shower using Scent Assassin.  

I'm a believer that Scent Assassin works and really appreciate the products and customer service I’ve received.  


Rodney - Seasoned Hunter

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