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Introducing our premium Whitetail Deer Supplement - the ul-
timate nutrition solution designed to enhance the health and
vitality of your whitetail deer population. Packed with a care-
fully crafted blend of essential minerals and vitamins, this
supplement is formulated to promote robust antler growth,
overall well-being, and optimal reproductive health in white-
tail deer.

Key Ingredients:

Calcium and Phosphorus: Supports bone development and strength, crucial for healthy antler

Salt: Provides essential electrolytes, promoting hydration and maintaining proper fluid balance.

Magnesium: Aids in muscle function and nerve transmission, contributing to overall deer vitality.

Potassium: Supports proper heart and muscle function, ensuring your deer remain active and healthy.

Manganese: Essential for bone development and metabolism, contributing to overall skeletal health.

Cobalt, Copper, lodine, Selenium, and Zinc: Vital trace minerals that play key roles in immune

function, reproduction, and overall well-being.
Vitamin A, D3, and E: Essential vitamins for immune support, bone health, and overall growth.

Florine Cherry Flavoring: Irresistible cherry flavor that deer love, encouraging consistent consumption of the supplement.

Our Whitetail Deer Supplement is carefully crafted to meet the specific
nutritional needs of whitetail deer, especially during critical phases such
as antler development and fawning. Whether you're managing a hunting
property, or wildlife reserve, or simply want to support the local deer population, this supplement is your go-to choice for promoting optimal health.

Directions for Use: Simply mix the recommended amount of supplement with your deer's regular feed or place it on a stump or simply pour on the ground.. The irresistible florine cherry flavor ensures that deer will eagerly consume the supplement, making it an easy and effective way to provide essential nutrients.